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Tram of mental health on the rails of Warsaw

📅21/01/2023, 20:13

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On October 10 (International Mental Health Day) a special tram line H was launched on the rails of the capital city. It is a line running along the route of Pl. Narutowicz - Kawęczyńska-Basilica. Departures from Narutowicza Square were scheduled at 12:00, 13:30 and 15:00, and from Kawęczyńska-Bazylika at 12:45, 14:15 and 15:45. The line is called "H" for "help" because that is its main purpose - to spread information about mental health.

The tram included information on mental health prevention, how to seek help, how to recognize the symptoms of a mental crisis and how to react effectively. Everything will be free for residents of the capital.

After a period of isolation caused by the pandemic, his mental health deteriorated significantly. The number of reported anxiety and depression increased by 1/3. At the same time, suicide is the second leading cause of death among teenagers (according to Police data), and among the young generation, estimates say about 630,000. people who need the help of specialists and specialists. Therefore, in terms of content, the campaign is supported by Angelika Friedrich from the Teenage Asylum organization.

- Information on mental health should be available to the general public, not only for people who want to develop their skills or broaden their knowledge. It is important to know how to react when you or someone close to you suffers a mental crisis. And among other things, you will be able to find out about it in the Mental Health Tram. The Teenage Asylum has a psychoeducational effect. We believe that the more people have a chance to gain psychological knowledge, the more pleasant the world will be to live in, says Angelika.

- October 10 is International Mental Health Day. This is a symbolic date for all those who contribute to the fight for decent, universal psychiatric and psychological care. As the team of the psychoeducational project Go Run, we are very happy that we are co-organizing a unique event, which will be the ride of the Mental Health Tram. We hope that the psychoeducational materials that we are preparing as part of the campaign will prove useful to Varsovians. – adds Martyna Kozdra, content coordinator.

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